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Zoom!® Teeth Whitening – McKinney, TX

Bright, White Teeth in an Hour or Less

Are your teeth looking less than white lately? Has your morning cup of coffee, glass of wine in the evening, or tobacco use caused your teeth to develop stains and discoloration? Has their shine gradually dulled over the years? Whatever the case may be, Dr. Jaiswal can help restore that youthful glow to your smile using Zoom!® Teeth Whitening. In just an hour or less, it can break up the most stubborn stains and make your teeth six, seven, or even EIGHT shades whiter.

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Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

You brush and floss your teeth consistently, yet they still have an obvious yellow hue. Why is that the case?

The unfortunate truth is that there are numerous factors working against your white smile, including the foods and beverages you enjoy every day. Basically, anything that can stain your shirt can stain your teeth! Darkly colored beverages like coffee, wine, and sodas contain pigments that actually cling to your teeth and can cause them to darken over time. Even seemingly healthy foods like blueberries and raspberries can have this effect.

The hands of time are a factor as well. As we age, the outer layer of enamel naturally starts to thin. Enamel is already translucent, so this thinning enables the dentin underneath the tooth to start shining through more prominently, and what color is dentin? Yellow. Some patients even experience enamel wear because they brush too vigorously, literally removing enamel every time they clean their teeth. This is why Dr. Jaiswal recommends that absolutely everyone use a soft-bristled brush.

How Zoom!® Whitening Works

When you decide to come in for a Zoom! treatment, the first step is for Dr. Jaiswal to examine your teeth and gums. If you have a preexisting dental problem, such as a cavity or gum disease, this will need to be addressed before you can undergo whitening. When you’re ready to begin the procedure, a member of our team will place a protective dam that will prevent your lips from touching the bleaching gel. A thin protective barrier will be placed along your gum line to keep it safe as well.

After a short cleaning, the Zoom!® bleaching gel will be applied directly to your teeth. Then, it will be exposed to a special low-UV light, which will stimulate the gel to work even faster. It will literally break the bonds that hold the stains together, allowing your smile’s whiteness to shine through prominently. After about 15 minutes, we’ll wipe the gel off, check your teeth, and then reapply it as needed until we reach your desired level of whiteness. Most patients are happy with their results after just 2-3 rounds, meaning the entire procedure lasts well under an hour.

Why You Should Choose Zoom!®

With all of the whitening products easily available on store shelves, why would you go to see your dentist to have a treatment?

The fact of the matter is that store bought whitening products have a very low concentration of the compounds that actually remove stains, so much so that any results they provide can be hard to see. You can use whitening strips, gels, and even whitening toothpastes until you’re blue in the face, but they’ll never remove stains as effectively as a professional treatment from your dentist.

Maintaining Your Results

In order to keep your freshly whitened smile shining, you only need to do a few simple things. One, maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine (which consists of brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits), and two, avoid food items that can stain them, especially anything that is darkly colored. With this approach, you should be able to maintain your pristine shine for several months. If you start to notice your teeth fading, just give us a call, and we can provide you with a quick touch-up treatment.