Removable Dentures in McKinney, TX

For patients who have lost teeth and are ready to regain a complete, functional smile, Starlite Dental is proud to offer removable dentures as an ultra-personalized tooth replacement solution. We create new teeth that are natural-looking, comfortable, and designed to last, providing top dentures services in McKinney, TX, and beyond! Our caring dentist will work with you to ensure your tooth replacement  

Who Benefits from Removable Dentures?

Dr. Jaiswal standing in the waiting room at Starlite DentalRemovable dentures, also called false or fake teeth, are made for those missing several teeth, up to a complete set. Various reasons like oral disease, decay, or accidents can lead to tooth loss. In our McKinney, TX, dental office, we create custom-made partial and complete dentures to restore smiles that look natural, feel comfortable, and last a long time.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

Does the absence of several teeth affect your diet and social life? If yes, Dr. Jaiswal can give you a custom-designed denture that returns your teeth's function and appearance. She provides new teeth that look good, fit well, and are reliable. You can choose a traditional removable denture for convenience or an implant-retained denture for a secure and long-lasting fit.

Partial dentures replace several missing teeth, while complete dentures replace all upper and lower teeth. Unlike implant dentures, removable dentures can be taken out at night. If you like the appearance of your dentures but want more stability, we offer implant-retained dentures for a secure fit. Using dental implants, we create a prosthesis that clicks into place with just a few dental implants. This option is a flexible and affordable alternative to full-mouth dental implants.

Secure Your New Smile with Starlite Dental

Whether you're missing a few or all of your teeth, our top-notch denture services in McKinney, TX, offer comfort, durability, and a natural look. Dr. Jaiswal will ensure your new teeth fit you seamlessly, restoring both function and aesthetics. Contact us today to schedule your dentures consultation! 

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