Welcome to Starlite Dental!! The No Anxiety Dentist  !!       

What if we said that  it was possible to have fun at the dentist and actually like going to the dentist?

We are on a mission to make this a reality. We like to do things differently here at Starlite Dental and our dentist is one that people absolutely love. 

Our main focus is on eliminating the anxiety behind visiting the dentist and providing our patients a stress- free, comfortable and exceptional dental experience every single time they visit. 

                 The moment you walk in, our attempt is make you feel relaxed and comfortable. How do we do that?

The moment you walk in soothing music and our friendly patient care co-ordinator Shelby greets and welcomes you. Let us tell you a little bit about Shelby. Patient care and comfort are her driving force and attention to detail is her speciality.

She will help you fill out our new patient paperwork and get all the details about your appointment. She will get you acquainted with the office and make sure you are comfortable.

Be sure to grab a cappuccino or iced tea or any beverage of choice  while filling out paperwork. The next step, you guessed it right. Our amazing dental assistant Lacey will walk you to one of our treatment rooms and will make sure you are comfortable. Please don't forget to ask her for a pillow or blanket or headphone to help you relax.

Warm scented aroma candles help you relax. but that is not all, before Lacey gets started she will get to know you and your dental needs in the form of a short questionnaire. She will tell you about the number and type of x-rays we will need for your appointment and what to expect when our amazing dentist comes in. 

Lacey will introduce Dr. J to you and will go over everything you have discussed about your appointment. A few of Dr J's specialities in the words of her patient's--

*She is super gentle * She is extremely thorough  *She will go out of her way to help you relax *She has amazing clinical skills

*She will talk about preventative aspects of dentistry "A LOT"  and Oh Yes She loves to talk also "A LOT" so you're in great hands!!

So you see, our patients love us and we love our patients. It is a small little family where every member's smile and their well being are not just important they are mandatory.

                                                                                  Our Promise to you!!!!

-In our office you will encouraged to talk about your expectations with respect to your dental needs. 

-In our office you will be informed about preventative dentistry, dental products and procedures. 

-In our office you will be presented with a comprehensive and thorough treatment plan based on your needs.

-In our office you can chose treatment based on your schedule and your comfort, no pressure.

Foremost, you will enjoy your visit and have fun!!!

We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and enriching your smile for years to come!!!

Not Sure yet, we understand!! If you would like to get to know Dr J and our team better, we do offer free consultations.

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